10 Reasons to Visit Schwerin Christmas Market this December

Schwerin castle in December with water color frame

Schwerin in the North of Germany is a gorgeous little state capital with scenic views, historic buildings abound and fascinating local tales. In short, there are a lot of things you can do in Schwerin and if you visit in December, you gotta visit the Schwerin Christmas Market. Here are 10 great reasons to.

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10 Reasons to Visit Schwerin Christmas Market this December

Key Information

What’s the Schwerin Christmas Market address?

You can find the market at the Altstädtischer Markt. If you need to type it into your GPS, search for Am Markt 19055 Schwerin.

When does the Schwerin Germany Christmas Market take place?

In 2019, you can visit the xmas market in Schwerin from 25 November to 30 December (except on 24 and 25 December). It’s open daily from 11am to 8pm (Sun-Thu) and 11am to 9pm (Fri-Sat).

See the official website for live events (in German).

1. Stay until after Christmas

Many Christmas markets in Germany open from the first Advent Sunday up until shortly before Christmas. With the Christmas market in Schwerin, however, you can get your hot mulled wine among cosy Christmas lights way later.

This is particularly great in case you want to see as many beautiful Christmas markets in Germany as possible and don’t want to totally exhaust yourself travelling around the country before the markets close.

Like the Christmas market in Weimar, this one is open until the New Year and you can take it slow. After all, that’s part of the Christmas market experience. You don’t want to rush things but really enjoy and unwind.

2. Enjoy grand castle views

On the coolest landmarks in town is the fairy tale castle modelled after grand palaces in France and currently functioning as the seat for the state government. Schwerin Castle is a dreamy building pretty much right next to the center of Schwerin and it’s free to walk around the grounds.

When you approach it from the Old Town, you will have a great gaze over the castle with a Christmas tree framing the view. Visit it especially at night when the lights go on and the castle is illuminated beautifully.

3. See aerial city angles

A special feature of the xmas market in Schwerin is the ferris wheel overlooking the main shopping street, Old Town and the lake. Fun fact: The ferris wheel is called „Star of Berlin“. It’s 33 meters (108 feet) high, weighs 99 tons and has 26 capsules for 6 people each to sit in.

It’s definitely one of the slow types, which means you have plenty of time for taking photos. The ones I have were shot with a mobile phone.

4. Visit multiple markets

There’s not just one Schwerin xmas market but multiple locations all over the historic Old Town. This means, by casually strolling from one to the other, you will do a little sightseeing tour at the same time.

The main market can be found on the market square in front of the town hall and near Schwerin Cathedral. This is where you can find the 20 meter (66 feet) tall Christmas tree, the Christmas pyramid and 10,000 strung up lights. From here, you can walk towards the castle or the lake Pfaffenteich with its ferris wheel.

Another Christmas market spot in Schwerin used to be the Schlachtermarkt, which mostly targets families and smaller children. You can take cute selfies with four larger than life teddies “playing” instruments as the Eisbärenband (“polar bear band”). However, this year it’s still undern construction. Let’s hope it’s open again next year.

A new market location in its stead is then inner yard of the former post office (Alter Posthof). It used to be under construction and is now open and features Christmas paper crafting, a Christmas bakery and puppet theater.

5. Celebrate in a historic reed house setting

Another Christmas market in Germany and one that’s very unique, is located in the historic Mueß village in the outskirts of Schwerin. On 21 and 22 December the outdoor museum is all decked out and inviting scents like mulled wine and caramelized almonds waft through the air.

It feels like an old timey Christmas, surrounded by traditional reed covered houses, stacks of hay and an arts and crafts market. Moreover, you can sample locally brewed punches, fresh fare from the BBQ and hand-made Christmas cookies. (A typical German Christmas tradition.)

  • Address: Alte Crivitzer Landstraße 13, 19063  Schwerin
  • Times: 11am to 7pm (21 Dec), 10am to 5pm (22 Dec)
  • Entrance fee: 2 EUR (2.23 USD)

6. Welcome Christmas in a Castle

Last but not least, there’s also a small Christmas market at Schwerin Castle. Inside the romantic courtyard, small Christmas hut are lined up and invite you to a retro Christmas experience in Schwerin. Very royal indeed.

The theme here is historic Christmas as well and you can try international food, such as Austrian Kaiserschmarrn (pancakes with powdered sugar). Time it so that you can listen to a live concert. See the program (in German) here. For example, you can listen to jazz music at 5pm on 21 December or rock music from 17 to 19 December at 7:30pm.

Should you want to dine in the castle restaurant, you can reserve a table. A reservation is free from 16 to 20 December from 11am to 1pm.

  • Address: Lennéstraße 1, 19053 Schwerin
  • Times: 13 to 22 December, 11am to 9pm

7. Relive your fave fairy tales

Walking along the Mecklenburgstraße, you will be greeted by scenes from famous fairy tales, such as Sleeping Beauty, Mother Hulda and The Town Musicians of Bremen. In fact, the Christmas market of Schwerin has the most fairy tale huts. And there’s a nativity scene, of course.

8. Skate on ice

Besides the ferris wheel and the many Christmas huts, you can get into the Christmas spirit by donning some ice skates and hitting the rink. The rink is nearly 500 square meters (5382 square feet) and right by the Pfaffenteich, next to the ferris wheel.

Skating for an hour costs 3.50 (3,9 USD) EUR for adults and renting skates is 3 EUR (3,34 USD). Additionally, you can borrow a helmet for 1 EUR (1.11 USD) or take part in ice stick shooting. For that, you need to reserve the entire track, however, for 90 EUR (100 USD).

9. Meet a friendly ghost

Did you know that the castle has its very own resident ghost? The Petermännchen is a friendly, albeit often cheeky ghost is said to haunt the castle and sometimes walks around town. There are many local tales about his deeds as he sometimes rewards kind souls with treasures.

There’s even a local tourist train on wheels named after him and it takes you around the city center. It’s a tourist favourite. There are also local guided tours with the guide dressed up as the iconic ghost. Those are especially charming during Christmas time.

10. Take in the quiet in a Historic Old Town

Schwerin may be the capital of the state of Mecklemburg-Vorpommern, but it’s rather quiet around here. No wild party scene at night, no tourist crowds, etc. And I love it!

It’s the best way to get away from much visited Christmas markets like Hamburg or Berlin for instance. A truly reflective Christmas time!

All Photos (c) Wolfgang Reimers

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10 Reasons to Visit Schwerin Christmas Market this December
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This sounds perfect! I was glad to hear that this market extends later in the season than the others. I will definitely be putting it on my list. I told my husband he has to take me in the next couple of years!



Hi Michelle, yeah, it’s really good to know, isn’t it? I hope your husband will remember taking you. 😉

I never thought of visiting Schwerin, but this Christmas market looks so cute!



Schwerin is absolutely gorgeous! I return nearly every year and wrote a little guide for it too. It’s definitely a place well worth a visit, especially in summer (and for the Christmas market, of course).

Sounds like a cute place for the holidays & New Years, can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it until now!



Hi Laura, it really is. I’m glad you know about it now. 🙂

I really want to visit some German Christmas markets one year. I’ve been to some in the UK, that were beautiful, but I’d love to experience some in Germany as well. I’ll have to put Schwerin on my list



Hi Katherine, visiting Christmas markets in Germany is a great idea. I love how they are so cosy and there’s yummy food among beautiful historic town centers.

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