Leipzig German in water color frame

Best 10 Things to Do in Leipzig, Germany

With an outstanding zoo, an epic monument and fascinating museums, there's a variety of things to do in Leipzig. Here are the top 15.

harz mountains in germany with water color frame

15 Best Things to Do on a Harz Mountain Holiday

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water color framed photo of Gera's town hall in Germany

What to do in Gera Germany

The third largest city in Thuringia, Germany, Gera lures with excellent art collections, beautiful historic houses and nature walks. Here's where to go.

Dresden skyline with water color frame

What to See in Dresden in 1 Day

The capital of Saxony in Germany is extremely charming with a total of 19 castles and many museums. Here's a quick guide on what to see in Dresden.

Castle Molsdorf in winter with water color frame

Top 15 Impressive Castles in Thuringia, Germany – Medieval to Renaissance

Central Germany has a lot of scenic sights, among these the many castles in Thuringia offer historic delights, photogenic views and unique museum visits.

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20 Scenic Dresden Day Trips around the Region

Dresden is fascinating but there are so many things in the region too! Base yourself in the city and then go on Dresden day trips. Here are 20 great ones.