A Guide to the Dresden Christmas Market, Germany

A Guide to the Dresden Christmas Market, Germany

Being one of the prettiest cities in Germany, Dresden’s Christmas Markets are likewise something out of a fairy tale. Set to the historic architectural masterpieces of the city and Dresden’s many sights, the many Christmas markets in Dresden do not disappoint but invite on a stroll through town. Get dressed up warm and be ready. Which one of these will be your favorite Christmas market in Dresden?

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A Guide to the Dresden Christmas Market, Germany

Handy Dresden Christmas Market Info

When are the Dresden Christmas Market opening times and dates?

In 2019, the market runs from 27 November to 24 December from 10am to 9pm daily (24 December: 10am to 2pm).

Where is the Dresden Christmas market location?

There’s no specific Dresden Christmas Market address as there are several markets all over town. Read on and find the location bellow each section.


When Christmas shopping in Dresden, the Striezelmarkt is one market that absolutely cannot be missed! Founded as a one-day market in 1434, Striezelmarkt is considered to be the first Christmas market in the world. And the locals are mighty proud of it, too.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at the 240 stands that make up this mega market.

Besides its size, the market is world renowned for its traditional folk art and craftsmanship, and is the perfect place to find truly unique gifts for everyone on your list. 

Moreover, it’s a great place to find delicious food and drink to warm you up from the inside out. (And on particular chilly days you really need this.)

Come with an empty stomach and you’ll be blessed with the opportunity to fill up on Christmas pastries, glazed apples, mulled wine and so much more. Food is a huge part of the German Christmas market experience.

Striezelmarkt is extra unique because it also hosts a Ferris wheel, an elaborate puppet theatre, an enchanted forest, and exciting weekly events.

  • Opening times: 27 Nov to 24 Dec 2019
  • Location: Striezelmarkt, 01067 Dresden


The Augustusmarkt is right on the edge of the Elbe river, making it an especially scenic Xmas market in Dresden to explore. It offers the perfect mix of local, traditional German crafts and international delicacies like Dijon mustard, Swiss chocolate and oriental spices.

Even though it’s is full of old time-y goods, it is decorated to be dazzlingly modern. The merchants are set up in bright white tents and illuminated by branches of the Blue Tree, giving the whole market the feel of being covered in icicles.

  • Opening times: 28 Nov to 23 Dec 2019
  • Address: Augustusmarkt, Hauptstraße, 01097 Dresden
Augustusmarkt with Frauenkirche at the Christmas market in Dresden


If you’re looking for a decadent Christmas market to send you back in time to a medieval holiday extravaganza, look no further than the medieval-style Mittelalter-Weihnacht (“Medieval Christmas”).

This unique market is set up in the courtyard of the Royal Palace, which is considered to be one of the original preserved Christmas sites in the world.

There are plenty of ways to stay warm when exploring Mittelalter-Weihnacht. If the traditional mulled wine, honey mead and hot chocolate aren’t quite doing the trick, take a dip into a huge, steaming wooden tub in the public bathhouse.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the minstrels and jesters wandering around the market and putting on shows for visitors.

  • Opening times: 28 Nov to 23 Dec 2019
  • Address: Augustusstraße 1, 01067 Dresden
Medieval Christmas market in Dresden
Medieval Christmas market in Dresden


For anyone looking for a Christmas market experience in Dresden with an added touch of romance, Dresden Weihnachtsmarkt is the place to be. This lovely market is more low key and quiet than Mittelalter-Weihnacht and some of the other bigger markets, but it’s just as beautiful.

The wooden stalls and fairy lights create a soft, warm feel that can’t help but make you feel the romance in the Christmas air. Whether you’re exploring the market alone or with someone special, you won’t be able to get enough of this magical market.

Besides the traditional crafts and delicious food and drinks for sale that everyone wants from a Christmas market, Weihnachtsmarkt also offers an ice rink in the courtyard next door, a perfect activity to top off your day wandering around the markets. 


This very traditional market is hosted in the picturesque historic Old Town of Dresden. Wander the tight streets and explore the endless huts and stands full of incense, nutcrackers, candle arches, candlesticks, and angels.

Don’t miss the well beloved filigree carved wooden figures that make this market famous. After all, you’re now in the state of Saxony, which means you should get some special travel souvenirs of the local variety. This includes wooden candle arches, incense figures and pyramids from the Ore Mountains.

Of course, Frauenkirche is another market that needs to be explored on an empty stomach. The stands full of hearty soups (such as potato or goulash), nougat, Kräppelchen (fried dough pockets) and other Christmas treats are impossible to resist.

  • Opening times: 27 Nov to 24 Dec 2019
  • Address: Frauenkirche, Neumarkt, 01067 Dresden
mulled wine hut at Dresden's Christmas market
Mulled wine hut and ferris wheel

Dresden Winter Lights Market

The Dresden Winter Lights Market, also known as Winterlichter, is located on one of Dresden’s most popular shopping streets between the city center and main railway station, making it very easily accessible.

Hundreds of bright, colorful lights illuminate this market street all season. The main highlight of this market is the 15 meter high Christmas tree that is the centerpiece of the bustling market.

On top of being bright, colorful and full of shimmer, the Dresden Winter Lights Market also has an exciting 25 meter high ferris wheel that gives you an amazing panoramic view of the market and surrounding streets, as well as a historic children’s carousel and tons more to explore.

  • Opening times: 28 Nov to 23 Dec 2019
  • Address: Prager Str., 01069 Dresden

More Christmas Markets around Dresden

Of course, besides the many Christmas markets in Dresden, there are many others around town and in nearby cities.

Dresden is well connected and you can hop on a train or catch a bus or ride without any issues. If you need special tips for German train travel or bus travel, I’ve got you covered as well.

A popular getaway is Leipzig Christmas market, which actually is made up of multiple xmas markets, too. Plus, they come with an international flair, featuring a Finnish and Tyrol market, for instance.

Next, porcelain town Meissen is also within easy reach. The Meissen Christmas market is rather small and great if you don’t want to move around too much neccessarily and just hang out on a Christmas market. Or if you want to explore the castle and cathedral in one day.

Since you’re already in Saxony, head into the Ore Mountain region. After all, that’s the heart of German Christmas with its traditional wooden candle arches, incense figures and Christmas pyramids. Its small markets are absolutely charming.

In case you don’t mind travelling for 2 hours by car or 3 by train, visit the classic town of Weimar. Weimar has multiple Christmas market locations as well and you can taste the glorious Thuringian sausage (the best sausage in the world, in my humble opinion). The setting is right in front of the gorgeous Renaissance-style Cranach house and medieval town hall.

food stalls at Dresden's Christmas market
All those details on the Christmas huts!

What’s the Best Christmas market in Dresden, Germany?

Tough question! If you ask me, you really should stroll around town and discover as many as you can. It’s easy to do that in Old Town, you don’t have to get further out if you’re pressed for time. However, my personal favorite is the Christmas market in front of the Frauenkirch.

That’s due to the iconic and central location as well as the cosiness. Even though it’s right in the middle of an open plaza, it feels compact, which is partly due to the hut arrangement and the pine trees and pine decor.

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A Guide to the Dresden Christmas Market, Germany
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