Annemarie Strehl from Germany on the Brain

Germany on the Brain is part of the Travel on the Brain franchise created by Annemarie Strehl, and dedicated to all things travel in Germany. Annemarie is German and for most of her life felt like she really isn’t after all.

Recall the cliché of Germans being punctual and super orderly? That’s always been hard.

Of being super stiff and unfunny? Well, Annemarie is one of the silliest persons you might ever meet (or see on youtube).

But then again, sometimes she’s dead quiet and super serious. (You know, a complex human being and such.)

However, the funny thing about international travel is, the more you do it and the farther you go out of your comfort zone, the more you realize who you are and what has shaped you. Yes, you might miss the best sausages in the world (Thüringer Bratwurst, duh) or castle views from your room, but in the midst of all the constant changes, there are also traits that you didn’t really realize were that prominent.

In short, Annemarie had to admit that she is much more German than she initially thought. (And not just because people constantly kept telling her.) And that she quite likes her country after all. And she knows quite a ton about it, having (for a long time very much unwillingly, “forced” by her parents) explored the country indepth.

So after five years hopping around three faraway continents and starting a solo female travel blog, she has finally decided to divulge her insights on travelling Germany on a dedicated Germany blog, sharing her stories about German travel as well as quite a few lesser known gems and beautiful German places and cool German cities, too.

And there you have it, a blog dedicated entirely to travelling around Germany, written by a local for anyone who wants to stray off the beaten path to big cities of the likes of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne or Frankfurt. How about smaller towns, sweeping landscapes, little islands, medieval castles and towering mountains?

(And don’t dare ask her if she’s from one of those big cities. She gets rather upset about that because there is so much more to Germany than the Big 5. And the question gets old.) And that’s what you’ll find on this here blog.

You’re willkommen!

Fun fact FAQ

Bochum in Germany, Annemarie Strehl

Where is Annemarie from?
A little city called Jena in the state of Thuringia. She was born in the GDR, a country that doesn’t exist anymore.

Why does Annemarie change her hair colour so much?
Because it’s fun. And because she likes to travel with wigs. (No need to damage the hair with dye anymore. Genius!)

How many states are there in Germany?
Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Bavaria, Hesse, Saxony, Saxony Anhalt, Lower Saxony, Thuringia, Saarland, Baden-Württemberg, Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

What are Annemarie’s favorite German destinations?
Bamberg – for its colourful, historic and two level town center.
Jena – because home.
Weimar – for its easy walkability, big parks and gorgeous castles.
Schwerin – because family and a gorgeous fairy tale castle.
Dresden – even more castles in and around town, dreamy architecture and dumplings!

How cool are Christmas markets really?
The best! In fact, they are probably the coolest thing to do in Germany in December. Annemarie is OBSESSED with them. Though, what you should expect are a cozy atmosphere surrounded by lights, hot beverages and food, preferably with fun company.

How many castles does Germany have?

Are you sitting down? good. Because there are over 20,000 castles in Germany! That’s A LOT. You might be wondering what the top 40 best German castles are? And if you happen to travel Central Germany, check out my personal favourites among the castles and palaces in Thuringia.